Manhattan East River Waterfront Esplanade

If you want to see the future of public space in New York, don’t go to the High Line.... Go instead to ... the East River Waterfront Esplanade....
— Paul Goldberger, The New Yorker

Clara Kwon assisted in the construction detailing and materials research phase of this major waterfront revitalization project in Lower Manhattan. With all components down to the paving units custom designed, she worked with the design team to execute innovative and sustainable construction solutions for a 2-mile pedestrian, cycling and recreation space that included pavilion green roofs and a dog run.

*This work was completed while landscape designer at Workshop: Ken Smith Landscape Architect, New York City, New York

In the news: 'On the East River Waterfront Esplanade' by Paul Goldberger, New Yorker Magazine, July 21, 2011

[O]ne whole chunk of the highway’s underside—4,750 square feet, to be exact—has been given over to what has to be the city’s most imaginative dog run, a kind of modernist adventure park for dogs.
— Paul Goldberger, The New Yorker

Model of the Dog Run

Water Play at the Dog Run


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*This work was completed while Landscape Architect / Project Manager at Alex Smith Garden Design, Ltd., Chamblee, Georgia

**This work was completed while Landscape Designer at Victor Ford & Associates, Inc., Toronto, Ontario